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Feature Comparison

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low quality USB case

USB Zap Case

USB Zap Case Interior

Locking System


Keypad with three locking bolts

It's important to have a quality keypad locking system that allows for easy access into your USB Flash Drive Case without having to fumble around with your set of keys, or worse yet risk breaking-in by forcing open an old entry padlock. A good digital shoot-bolt will make sure nobody else can use those same tools on you either!    

Location Tracking

No Location Tracking

Built in On-Board GPS Tracker System

A quality onboard GPS Tracker System allows for location tracking in event of loss, mislaid or theft scenarios, without such systems you are not protected by worst case scenarios such as loss, mislaying or theft, which can cause irreparable damage and incur penalisation from Regulatory Bodies.


No Geofence

Geofence with a Call Home Feature

Geofence with a Call Home Feature in Event of the Case Being Lost, Mislaid, or Stolen. If the case is moved outside the GeoFence boundary it will call home to provide an alert. This is why it`s important to have Geofence Call Home Feature, diversion of route or evasion notification could signal loss, mislaying or theft. Calling home in such events is paramount to detect and recover.

Outer Constuction

High-density polyethylene (HDPE)

Aluminium & Tungsten

This is why it`s important to have strong construction, harder to penetrate means bad actors would be spending more time trying to break in to the USB Flash Drive Case, this means more chances of recovering the case. Remember durable and reliable protection always lasts longer.

Impact & Temperature Resistance

Impact protection

Enhanced Impact and Extreme Temperature protection

Being more resistive to damage from impacts leads to preventing data loss and temperature extremes are prevalent in todays changing weather patterns coupled with the increased optimality to travel across many landscapes enables the USB Zap Case to offer an enhanced protective feature.

Penetration Sensing



It's important to have Penetration Sensing Security; Data Sensitivity is often comprised and barely a day goes by without their being some form of media coverage related to the loss and theft of data. By ensuring Penetration Sensors are present in your case, means an added form of protection in detecting physical attacks.

Self-Destruct System



Self Destruction Security, the rise in data theft and has led to irreparable loss of revenue and bad press which no one can truly measure the consequence of in terms of losing customers and brand ability, that has taken time to build. Movies such as Mission Impossible highlight that data is best kept secure through self-destruction protocols. The unique self-destruction system ensures data is managed effectively whilst in transit and whilst at rest.

Battery Backup


Low Battery Alert System

A necessary anti-tampering feature that ensures the bad actor will not be able to compromise your data by simply waiting for the battery to run out before breaking in. Critical low battery initiates a prompt on your smartphone or similar device enabling you to make that very important key decision to self-destruct.



Waterproof & Dustproof

This is why it's important to have waterproofing and dustproofing on your USB Flash Drive Case, a drop in water could render your data liable to loss and no dust proofing could mean dust in USB flash drive electronics which could affect the security apparatus and also your desktop.

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