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Secure USB flash drive case
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USB Data Drive Secure Case


Field of the Invention

The present invention relates to devices which are used to store and destroy USB flash drive memory storage devices.


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Mobile phone tracking and security

Our Product


The use of data storage devices with computers and computer systems is common and wide spread throughout the world. These often consist of data sticks or similar devices which have a USB compatible connector end which is inserted into the correct USB port on the computer or device. The sensitive and valuable information is transferred onto the stick and can be stored in case the main system or computer fails and to remove information away from the computer or system to be stored separately.

There is a need for a more effective storage box for USB flash drives sticks and memory devices which has a more secure method of secure storage, location tracking and destruction. The present invention aims to provide an improved USB stick flash drive secure storage, recovery and destruction case, having a keypad locking method, a built in GPS tracker system and an electronic destruction module which electronically fries the USB flash drive upon receiving a text message command if the case is lost or stolen, supported by a low battery back-up system.

Summary of the invention

According to the present invention the USB flash drive case provides secure storage, recovery and destruction. It is highly secure, water proof and dustproof. The case is generally of a squared or rectangular cuboid shape having a hinged opening section lid which can be locked and which is all constructed of strong materials such as aluminium and tungsten. 

USB Zap Case
USB flash drive case

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We are currently seeking investment for continued product development, prototype production and testing. Please get in touch for more information.

CEO Message

“As firms are required to comply with GDPR Regulations, a secure method of carrying and storing Data is much needed. Investment will be used to make a prototype and a final unit for sale.”

Shahid Hussain
CEO of Data Aware

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